Curriculum Vitae           Nikolaj Hyldig      

                                         Born 20.06.1972

                                         Phone: 20 90 25 39



                                         Odinsgade 16c, st th

                                         9000 Aalborg




Education                       September 1996 -     Aalborg University

                                October 2003         MA "Communication and Multimedia"


                                         January 1996 -          Folk High-School in Svendborg

                                         June 1996                 Student of Visual Communication


                                         August 1989 ‑         Aalborghus High-School

                                         June 1992                 Mathematical student



Work-experience          February 2005 –        Developing Narrative Games Workshop

                                         March 2005               Developing narrative games according to Earnest Adams


                                         February 2005           Danmarks Journalisthøjskole

                                                                         Guest-lecturer teaching "Emotional Experience Enhancement"

                                                                         at a diploma-class in "Analytical Journalism"


                                         October 2004            Digital Design

                                                                         Examiner at under-graduate class on "Science Fiction as City-metaphor"                  


                                         September 2004-      Aalborg University

                                         November 2004        Lecturer at graduate level class on "Emotional Experience Enhancement"                  


                                         April 2004-               VR-MediaLab under IT-Vest

                                         April 2007                 PhD-Scholarship researching "Emotional Experience Enhancement"

                                                                         within the framework of "Interactiondesign and games"


                                         May 2003-                Award winning 3D space-shooter Invaders from Earth

                                                                         Project Lead and Creative direction      


                                         February 2003-         Onlinegame Kultist

                                         February 2005           Designer of narrative engine and gameplay                


                                         September 2002        VR-MediaLab

Co-director of workshop in narrative engine design, based on

roleplaying games and archetypal narrative structures


                                         April 2002 -              Onlinegame SevenSouls

                                April 2004             Creative consultant on gameplay and ambiance


                                         October 2001 -         AGENCY.COM / Visionik

                                         February 2002           In-house consultant on iTV-games       


                                         September 2000 -     Aalborg University

                                         January 2001             Lecturer on Digital Visual Aesthetics and Narrative Experience


                                January 2000 -          VR-MediaLab

                                July 2000                  Director, writer and producer of the CGI-movie HardBoiled


                                         Spring 2000              Roleplaying game association The Realm of Adventurers

                                                                         Visual design of


                                         1996 –                      Fedberg&Co            

                                2001                   Manager of independent advertising agency



Other                              1984-                       Avid computergamer

                                                                         Played my first computergameMoonlander” in 1978 on a PDP-11 terminal

                                                                         Continuing with the home computer revolution on ZXSpectrum in 1984

Current primary interests: 1st / 3rd-person games, such as shooters and



1986-                                             Roleplaying gamer

                                 Starting as GameMaster in Dungeons & Dragons

                                Later GameMaster in ShadowRun and Call of Cthulhu

Player in several systems, including Twillight2000, MERP,



1992-1996                             Comic-book writer and layouter


                                En Rar Dag i Den Rare Skov


                                Virgil Stink