Welcome to INVADERS from EARTH

A post-apocalyptic parody inspired by the 50’s sci-fi classics!

This computergame is a space-shooter with a historical twist on the cold war and its participants, being developed by a small group of game-enthusiasts from Aalborg, Denmark. Our deep passion for computergames makes this a great project for us, allowing us to gain experience with game-development, and to test our creative and technical skills in the process!

The production is carefully planned out in phases, and free downloads will be made available as progress continues. The final version will be a spaceshooter game for 2 – 16 players, with the RSA (Remaining States of America) and the USSR fighting for the precious resources of space.

News will be posted as progress continues… For now be sure to check out our gallery-section, for a glimpse of what’s to come!

The Story

It wasn't until the early part of the 1950's space-exploration really took off. As we all now know, it was the discovery of the extremely rare mineral Ufonium, which caused the breakthrough in aviation science, allowing ordinary vehicles to be modified for extra-terrestrial flight.

At the mid 1950's our solar system was being exploited to the fullest. Commercial enterprise had ventured off-earth, and the rich deposits of minerals and metals on our neighboring planets made everything bliss on earth…

Of course this would not last.
As more and more governments and corporations joined the space-race, our solar system turned into a war-torn battleground. The precious resources of space were simply too valuable not to fight for… and so humanity did.

But in the end, ironically, it was Ufonium itself that led to the destruction of planet Earth. As the crystalloid mineral was only found in one place on earth, growing in the backyard of Fidel Castro, Cuba, an invasion was recommended by the evil American scientist, Dr. Fubar Noobar. The rest is history as they say – soon after, America and The Soviet Union where engaged in Full Mutual Nuclear Retaliation. And as a result our home-planet was blown to smithereens in a nuclear firestorm…

All that now remains of planet Earth is a huge asteroid-field in the middle of nowhere. But even so, Third World War still rages on in space. Survivors battle it out for the dominance and resources of Post-Earth, not least Ufonium as it is vital in powering weapons and vehicles. This precious resource was scattered by the Total Annihilation and now flies aimlessly through space, spread throughout the rubble that used to be planet earth.

Now the fate of man-kind is up to YOU!
Choose sides in this stellar conflict, and battle it out between the asteroids, to ensure the survival of your nation, and the ultimate destruction of your enemy!


For the realization of "Invaders from Earth", we chose the Fly3D v2 3D engine created by Paralelo Computação for the Windows platform.

We did this because it is easy to work with and incorporates virtually all the popular modern techniques for rendering graphics except pixel and vertex shaders.

Its plugin system is very intuitive to use and the design of the engine is very clean. The engine is well suited for realizing this project.

Support for the Ogg Vorbis sound file format has been integrated into the Fly3D sound handling code to allow us to use this royalty free high quality sound format for the music and sound effects that will be in the game.


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Behind Invaders From Earth

Nikolaj Hyldig
Creative Lead and part Project Manager

Nikolaj Hyldig holds a Masters degree in Communication and Multimedia from the University of Aalborg, Denmark. Currently a PhD-student at VRMediaLab, Aalborg, he studies interactiondesign and experience-enhancement of (interactive) media-products. His primary focus is the aesthetics of narrative, vision, and interactivity, based on how these areas intersect and affects us in everyday life.
The role as creative lead and project manager on Invaders from Earth was taken on because of the opportunity to gain experience with practical game-design.
See more at http://www.participant.dk/

Pelle Klit Christensen
Propaganda Minister and Part Project Manager

With a M.A in multimedia Pelle has specialized in gamedesign and narrative AI. His current role is to coordinate the efforts of the group, and making a coherent and functional design.
Besides the computerstuff he has a history of training several kinds of martial arts, and is currently a kickboxer.
For a more detailed description go to http://www.cv.gamecraft.dk/

Morten Zinck
Software Architect

Experienced from different programming jobs and a computer nerd ever since the commodore 64 came out. A skilled C++ programmor and is now studying computer sciences at Aalborg University with emphasis on game and engine design. Has been making computer games as a hobby for several years..

Kasper Ørum Nielsen
Software Architect

Kasper has an education in computer science, and he is currently building upon that by pursuing a bachelor's degree in computer science at Aalborg University. In his spare time he studies general programming techniques and has a passion for programming Direct3D and OpenGL demoes. Additionally, he enjoys doing 3D modelling and animation. He already knew early on in his life that he wanted to be a programmer, and his passion for 3D quickly put him on a path leading towards the 3D gaming industry.

Jakob Ørum Nielsen
Software Architect

Currently studying computer science Jakob has been learning C++ by self-study before starting his education. He is currently working on learning Windows GDI and DirectX programming aside from the actual study.

Michael Bøcker-Larsen
3D Artist

Michael holds a masters degree in computer science. The master thesis was a design of a story engine as well as a set of theoretical tools and guidelines to improve, and basically understand, the relation between interaction and story elements in computer games. His participation in this project is as a 3D artist, which shows just one side of his interest. He is a pragmatic theorist who has been involved with many creative activities from application and web design to graphical design, modelling, and photography – the ideas don't come short.

Søren Larsen

Søren is a graduate of the College of Arts, Crafts, and Design in Denmark, and is a professional artist living and working in Aalborg. As a member of Studio Ask and a teacher in the visual arts, he has a wide experience in painting as well as the modern medium of comic-books. His passion for the interactive art of roleplaying games made it natural for him to apply his talents in the interactive entertainment industry.

Rune Stigart

Rune is an experienced visual artist with a background in painting, comic-books, and digital graphics for both internet and print. Over the recent years he has been directing his skills and style towards commercial media such as the IT-business and advertising, which highly qualifies him for work in the interactive entertainment industry.
He is also a part-time musician playing in the signed band Mnemic.

Bo Risom
Web developer

Bo is an expert in web programming. He has in the last years implemented numerous solutions for the educational market, primarily learning management solutions (LMS). When not programming, Bo masters the skills of managing Windows networks, and finds joy in automating administrative tasks. For further information about Bo go to www.bitzer.dk