A list of my contributions to the public debate


Ludologist                        Once again rambling on for evolutionary psychology as the way to investigate

09/03-04                         the experience of computer games.


Reality Panic                     Comment to a post regarding the rating and censorship of games. Unfortunately I

27/01-04                          have been forced to reconsider my previous attitude towards games as non-harmful.

                                         Fiction of any kind serves to teach us action-patterns and their consequences, and these

                                         action-patterns necessarily define how we view the world and how we can act in it.


Spiludvikling.dk               Debate on a Danish site, regarding AI and the cognitive approach to game-design

25/01-04                          in general.


Ludologist                        Comment in a debate regarding the definition of games. To my mind the definition

23/11-03                          should be based on how and why we play, which can be answered through evolutionary

psychology. Games allow for the practice of behavior and strategies, and as a result

games can be defined as consisting of resources to be manipulated, rules regarding this

manipulation, and a goal to be achieved through this manipulation.


buzzcut                            Comment in a debate called 'The Idea Game', regarding the computer games

14/11-03                         ability to create emotions. I explain in brief why the computer game of today is so

inept at the task, and how the future combination of narrative and game hold

greater promise.